Veterans/Military Organizations we are supporting at the Dane Buy Local Car Show

At the gate to accept donations - RIVER FOOD PANTRY

As a veteran-led organization, The River Food Pantry will always look for unique ways to serve those who have served our country.  No veteran should go hungry.  In addition to the generous amount of groceries and freshly prepared meals each week, we will use the proceeds from the Car Show to care for our veterans with a special veterans appreciation event on Veteran’s Day in November.


The Ben Jackson Foundation recognizes the sacrifice that newly enlisted members of the military have chosen to make and provides financial assistance to help them visit home from their first permanent duty station.
For newly enlisted military personnel, visits home can be cost-prohibitive. Flights and other travel expenses make up a substantial portion of what younger enlisted personnel earn in a month. The Ben Jackson Foundation was established to help these young people visit their friends and family at home.


22 veterans a day die by suicide in the United States.  Ketchum’s Got Your Six was established to bring that number down.  Ketchum’s raises dollars through fundraising to provide essential training for our Wisconsin veterans suffering from PTSD and their service dogs.  Through the support we’ve received, we have assisted over 20 veterans and we’ll continue the fight until we lower those numbers!

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